We’re looking for our People Operations Manager.

At Cake & Arrow (C&A), Employee Experience spans Recruitment, Human Resources (HR), and Culture. The People Operations Manager is a business-critical role responsible for the full lifecycle of an employee. More importantly, the People Operations Manager has a vested interest in the success and happiness of all employees at C&A. It is a selfless role that puts People First and keeps everyone (starting with Leadership) well attuned to balancing the needs of the business with the people who comprise it.

The effective People Operations Manager will have a track record of Recruitment success–finding, attracting, and hiring exceptional talent for companies similar to C&A (in commercial mission and, where applicable, ethos). The People Operations Manager will bring savvy experience navigating myriad HR-related matters through perseverance, organization, and communication. And the People Operations Manager will genuinely embrace the role of caretaker of C&A’s culture. Ideal candidates understand that Culture is amorphous, often fickle, and inconsistent in the requirements of its upkeep – thereby requiring constant TLC.

The People Operations Manager will report directly to our Chief Operating Officer and will play an essential function in growing the business by expanding our team. In joining our growing company, you will play a pivotal role in how quickly C&A can capitalize on its current success and aspirations for the future. The People Operations Manager is a self-starter, problem solver, and life-long learner with a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit who thrives in a challenging, fast-paced environment. Ideal candidates are comfortable taking a test-and-learn approach to everything they do and are willing to try new things; learn from their mistakes; ask for help; and thrive when presented with a challenge. Outstanding organizational and time management skills are table stakes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Represent the culture and personality of C&A in all aspects of the Recruitment process.
  • Foremost caretaker of C&A’s culture. Cultivate an environment that promotes Productivity and Fun. Nurture Excellence and Goofiness. Foster camaraderie and healthy debate.
  • Directly source and evaluate well-qualified candidates for all of our Capabilities.
  • Function as clearinghouse for job descriptions; portfolios; work-product samples; references, etc.
  • Maintain open and frequent communication channels with Hiring Managers and Leadership regarding recruitment progress and status.
  • Fastidiously maintain and track application information.
  • Build up and maintain a trusted network of Independent Contactors to augment or supplement, when necessary, C&A’s core team.
  • Manage and maintain employee paperwork – e.g., offer letters, independent contractor agreements, etc.
  • Make certain that new employees are happy, feel welcome, and otherwise well situated from Day 1.
  • Roll out and maintain a best-in-class employee onboarding program.
  • Serve as an objective confidante and resource for all employees.
  • Provide HR-related support.

This is a full–time, on-site position at an award-winning company with a passion for smart design backed by research and fulfilling user experiences.

Cake & Arrow is a customer experience design and innovation company who works with organizations striving to create authentic and meaningful relationships with their customers. We help our clients evolve their ways of thinking, identify new opportunities, and design meaningful products and services grounded in real customer needs. We work across a variety of industries, including insurance, financial services, retail, and non-profit, and have partnered with leading brands across the world such as MetLife, Sompo Digital Lab, EY, Bose, Citi, and more.

To apply:

Send a resume and a cover letter indicating experience, why you’re interested, and notable project samples to careers@cakeandarrow.com with subject: People Operations Manager.