April means a lot of things both good, start of major league baseball, and not-so-much, rain showers and tax deadlines. But for us at Ai it also means supporting of March of Dimes, March for Babies.

Each year Team Levine, Chief Design Officer and cofounder Josh Levine, his wife Paulina and their two (adorable!) children, raise astronomical numbers towards preventing premature births and finding solutions to the problems that threaten our babies. This year is no different, and Ai is there to join the fight.

This past Friday’s Hamster Time was March for Babies themed including strawberry milk baby bottle contests and a variety of baby foods. For any contest winners (and even those activities which there was no clear winner), Josh donated $50 to the March of Dimes, raising $350 for the cause.

The fight doesn’t stop there- many Ai-ers will attend the Team Levine Annual Fundraiser, Thursday, April 26th at 6pm at Traffic bar & Restaurant, 986 2nd Ave. This weekend Ai will take the campaign to the streets as we proudly stroll beside Josh and his family at the walk on Sunday, April 29th at Lincoln Center.

For more information about the cause, fundraiser or walk, or to make a donation check out the Team Levine website: http://www.goteamlevine.com/.