Arf! Meow. Oink? Woof! Yay!

Our holiday site raised over $10,000 for Bideawee.

Our holiday site has always been a chance to do what we do best – be creative, laugh and have some fun. But this year we gave ourselves three goals. We wanted to feature the human beings that make Ai a company like no other, challenge ourselves to try new things, and use our collective energy to do some good.

Everyone chose one thing to make or do to raise money for Bideawee, a leading animal welfare organization in New York. And in true Ai form, people came up with some pretty unique and ambitious ideas. Put on a magic show, let someone shave your beard, create custom bedazzled artwork–the list gets longer and weirder. These contributions were featured for sale on our site and the purchase price of each item sold would be donated to Bideawee in an effort to raise a total of $10,000 by the holidays.

In the end we met our goal, but the success of the project went beyond that. It was an opportunity to try new ways of designing collaboratively, new technology to test drive, new photographers to partner with in attempt to shoot our entire office in 1 day.

“The site also became an expression of us as individuals and as a company. Scrolling down the page and seeing the talent and energy our people committed to, it tells the story of who we are.” – Josh Levine, Chief Design Officer

On the day we launched the site, Bideawee volunteers and some of their cats and dogs paid a visit. While the thrill of birthing our babies never gets old, this launch day was special. It was a celebration of the live site, but it was also a celebration of animals and their ability to bring out the best in humans.

Having lost our beloved Mayor Jack this year, our French bulldog and VP of Security & Integrity, it felt good to have some four-legged friends in the office. And when one of Bideawee’s pups peed on the office floor, we knew Jack was looking down from heaven–smiling, drooling and sending us his love.

“All of us here at Bideawee are so incredibly appreciative of the AI staff and management for their compassion and generosity in helping Bideawee provide shelter and medical care for the hundreds of dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes this holiday season!” – Nancy Taylor, President and CEO