Ai is proud to announce the launch of The Gaga Center’s new website, As NYC’s hub for gaga, a fast-paced game for children of all ages and skill levels, The Gaga Center keeps children moving while building their confidence.

Research showed that The Gaga Center’s audience—modern moms—is as fast-paced as the game itself. This meant Ai was tasked with creating a site that not only responds to all devices, but because of a mother’s frenetic schedule, also loads at a moment’s notice.

Ai accomplished this by picking only the website features that served core business needs. This in turn gave moms the satisfaction that at every stage of the process — from scheduling their party to registering guests and even paying their invoice — the experience is thought through with them in mind.

Marcy Singer, a Gaga Center co-founder, applauded Ai’s collaborative approach in creating a website that’s equal parts fluid, functional, and fun: “Totally amazing. Want you to know how much we appreciate all that Ai does for us. We couldn't run this operation without you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”