This coveted award is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best employers in New York City, benefiting the city’s economy, workforce and businesses

There is no doubt that what sets us apart from other companies is the culture that has come to define us. Six years ago the concept of “The Morgan Freemans” was coined to describe the type of human being who thrives here. Passion. Fortitude. Initiative. Resilience. Morgan Freeman embodies the qualities we value most–and the velvety, reassuring voice we all aspire to lead with.

“The values we foster are directly connected to the value we create for our clients, ” said Josh Levine, Ai’s CXO.

Success isn’t measured in deliverables or hours, it’s measured by the problems we solve and the process through which we solve them. This demands people who simply care about the other people we work with and the people we work for. People willing to get their hands dirty and fight the good fight, day in and day out.

“We give a darn about what we produce. We don’t just want to get a job done. We want to sweat and laugh with our team on a hot summer rooftop and then drink beers with the sun on our shoulders and feel like free men.”– Josh Levine, Ai’s CXO

Congrats to all of our awesome people. And thank you for making Ai a company like no other.

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