Two years in a row in NYC. We’re practically an institution.

All of us at Ai are happy to be a “best place to work” again. We say “all of us” because it’s thanks to everyone that we made it. So: thanks everybody at Ai!

Making it onto the list two years in a row — in the never static landscape of NYC — means we’re doing something right for the most important people we know: our employees.

We’re pretty sure we got here because we’re focused on the total human experience. We are constantly asking “how do we make experiences better for people?” It’s what we do every day at Ai for our clients. This is what wins us business and keeps us growing.

So it’s only natural that we repeat that same question about where we work. It’s a question that everyone here asks and anyone here can answer. It’s given us stuff like office yoga. Thursday happy hours. Ai University. Turning the 4th of July into a paid week off for everyone. Dogs in the office.

And the list goes on. Because we’ll never become “the best” place to work by thinking that we’ve already become the best place to work. We turn to our employees for ideas that evolve and improve what Ai means to our clients, our end-users and ourselves.

We look at each other and ask, “how could we make it better?” And we can’t wait to hear what answers we’ll come up with next.

See you next year!

Read the release:

"With an ever-growing number of firms taking decisive steps to create a workplace where employees are collegial, inspired by their work, empowered to take the initiative and get credit where credit is due, these 100 companies have earned a coveted spot on Crain's 2015 list of Best Places to Work in New York City."

Crain's New York names 2015 Best Places to Work