Right in time for the holiday season, Catbird, the Brooklyn mecca for all things sparkly and exciting, has launched a redesigned website with user experience-driven digital agency Alexander Interactive.

With over ten years in business and an ever-growing social media following, Catbird’s tiny storefront in Williamsburg regularly has customers lining up outside their door. In 2014, owner and CEO Rony Vardi looked to expand digitally in order to keep up with demand.

“We knew that the website needed work, especially with managing inventory on the back-end and setting customer expectations on the front-end. Redesigning the website and replatforming to Magento allows us not only to streamline those back office operations but to scale our site to perform for our growing customer base.”

Catbird prides itself on its stellar customer service, and that was a driving principle behind Ai’s design.

From the outset of the project, proper product faceting framework was essential for a smooth shopping experience. Catbird’s product list is thousands of entries long, with most products being available in different metals and sizes. A custom faceted system allows customers to quickly find products that match their preferences.

Some products are also made to order, so clear out-of-stock and custom-order messaging is a key way to set customer expectations.

Also crucial was the integration of the online storefront with a new POS in the store and ERP for a unified back-office, both in-store and online.

Customer behavior on the site suggested that users visit repeatedly, looking for what’s new and different. As a result, Ai’s design strove for consistent discoverability across the website. Ai implemented promotional areas throughout the site, on category pages with a custom tout module, as well as on product pages with a recommended list of products.

One key feature that was retained from the old site was the animated “Surprise Me” link that displays when a customer hovers over the company logo in the header. This Easter egg, which takes the user to a random product page, is right in line with Catbird’s branding and encourages users to discover new products with just a click.

Catbird’s brand of unstudied elegance with edge is strongly established and has served them well. Ai’s redesign supports that brand by putting products and merchandising front-and-center with a clean, image-heavy, mostly monochrome design.

Ai congratulates the Catbird team on a successful launch and much future success.