Friday, Crain's New York Business announced we're #58 of the top 100 Best Places to Work in New York 100 Best Places to Work in New York. Last month, AdAge placed us on their 2015 Best Places to Work. Thanks yet again to the amazing people who work at Ai and who make our time here so awesome. You get a mimosa! You get a mimosa! Everyone gets a mimosa!

This is two years in a row for Ai on Crain’s New York Business Best Places to Work — up from #67 in 2014 — which means we’re doing something right for the most important people we know: our employees.

We probably got here because we focus on the total human experience. Every day, we ask “how do we make experiences better?” for our clients. It keeps us growing and making things we’re proud of.

So it’s only natural that we ask that same question about working at Ai. It’s a question that people here have answered in so many rewarding ways. It’s given us stuff like office yoga (and now meditation). Friday happy hours. Ai University. Turning the 4th of July into a paid week off for everyone. Dogs in the office. Hoverboards in the office. Holiday movies in the office.

And the list goes on. Because getting on these Best Places to Works lists is a journey, not simply a goal. We intend to keep getting better, and not just say we’re the best. Thankfully, our co-workers never run out of ideas that evolve and improve what Ai means to our clients, our end-users and ourselves.

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Happy holidays!