Everyone on our team has very unique roles and we all come together to make sure our clients' needs are met completely. Because of we all have different experiences and skills, we all offer a wide variety of perspectives. Every two weeks we will crowdsource a tech, design, UX, etc style question from the team and share.

In our first ever installment of the series, we asked our team: What website usability issue across the board is your biggest pet peeve right now and why? Here are a few of the responses!


Chuck Wells


“My biggest pain point is mobile websites without a quick load time and thumb-friendly navigation as well as mobile sites that don't recognize that I already have the app installed.”


Catherine DeAngelis

Senior Project Manager

“I like when articles are a long-scroll on mobile, so when I’m brought to a slideshow (that most of the time isn’t working), it’s a poor user experience. I usually don’t read the article when that happens.”


Robert Gurdian

Business Strategist

“My main frustration is filling in again something that I already provided to the site. This is particularly frustrating if I provided it in the same visit. An example is when signing in and I get the password wrong, my email should still be filled in after I receive the error.”


Kate McCormack

Lead Visual Designer

“[I most dislike] websites that have dense and difficult to scan content or service websites that hide their contact information!!!”


Carolyn Dobbs

UX Lead

“Feature gaps/inexplicable differences in the customer experience across device types irritate me (ahem, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix). Poor interaction support for tablets also burns my hairdo.”


Christina Goldschmidt

Director of User Experience

“The unlabeled hamburger menu, on desktop [is my least favorite]. There are so many great articles out there showing that users don’t realize that all of the important menu items are hidden behind that design element. We’ve seen it ourselves in user testing on projects, yet its still all over!”

Do you have any major pet peeves that weren't mentioned? Comment below!