Last month, Cake & Arrow Founder and CEO, Josh Levine visited Finland for the second year in a row to speak to Finnish retailers about the need for transparency, authenticity, and value-driven stories in today’s saturated retail market. His talk was a part of Business Finland’s eCom Growth program, which offers monthly training sessions to digital retailers in Finland.

In his talk, Designing with Purpose: How to Differentiate Through Authenticity and Trust, Josh discussed strategies for earning and retaining the trust of today’s new breed of customer, inundated with options; why company values and mission matter now more than ever; and how today’s buyer expects more than just great products.

Watch the full presentation here:

Watch the presentation here:

“Today’s consumers expect more than just great products. They want to relate to brands, meaning who you are and why is as important as what you sell,” Josh explained in his talk. “Those who manage to convey their values and mission can create an emotional connection with their customer. That connection is what drives loyalty.”

The event was a part of eCom Growth, a program run by Business Finland, a government agency offering Finnish companies a unified customer journey for innovation activities, internationalization, investments, and tourism promotion. eCom Growth is a program designed to accelerate the internationalization and growth of Finnish online trade SMEs and develop the digital trade ecosystem in Finland.

To read more about Josh’s talk at the event, you can visit eCom Growth’s website for a full recap and watch the entire presentation here.