On December 6, Emily Smith Cardineau, Head of Content at Cake & Arrow, will speak at Coverager’s upcoming event in New York City, Insurance & Beyond, a briefing and networking event that will explore the current insurance landscape, external challenges and opportunities, and alternative distribution strategies that go beyond digital partnerships.

In her talk, entitled Going Beyond Digital with Digital Natives, Emily will share some high level insights and trends observed in a series of recent workshops Cake & Arrow conducted with Millennials across the country, including extreme digital fatigue and growing desire for more authentic relationships.

“We’ve dedicated the last nine months to researching Millennials to help the insurance industry better understand how to design insurance products that will truly improve their quality of life and address some of the key challenges Millennials are facing,” said Emily. “Our findings from a series of in-person workshops we conducted with Millennials surfaced some surprising insights into the mindsets of Millennials as they age into adulthood that will be critical to insurance companies as they innovate for the future. We are excited to share these with the industry!”

You can learn more about the event and register here.