There is no question that digital has played a defining role in Millennials' lives, for better or worse. While digital has enabled unprecedented levels of connectedness across geography and time, in recent research we conducted with Millennials, we learned how their hyperconnected lives often leave them feeling lonely, isolated, and lacking a tangible support network– yearning for more authentic relationships, and a more connected, interdependent community.

On January 31 at 12pm ET we will be discussing how insurance can be a catalyst for creating the kind of authentic community Millennials are looking for. By bringing bringing together like-minded people who share common interests, values, risks and needs, we’ll discuss how insurance can restore a sense of community, trust, interdependency and support that has been lost in our digital age. Hosted in partnership with Coverager, you'll also hear from the CEOs of two new startups–Wilov and Eusoh–about how they are incorporating aspects of community into their insurance products to differentiate from their competitors and connect with Millennials on the level of values.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How digital experiences can facilitate authentic connections between humans and companies;
  • How to community-based models of insurance can build trust in your brand; and
  • Successful strategies used by insurtech startups to build communities of users.

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