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Director, Business Development

Tim Angiolillo

As the Director of Business Development at Cake & Arrow, Tim primarily focuses on new projects, which means running our new business and setting the early foundations of our engagement strategies. Tim’s main driver is being helpful, whether that is helping someone carry a stroller up from the subway, or helping organizations figure out better ways of working and delivering great customer experiences. As an Aries, Tim brings passion, energy, and smarts to everything he does–if you believe in that sort of thing.

Tim has been working since he was 14 (and under the table for neighborhood businesses before then). He’s racked up over 20 different jobs over that period. He joined Cake & Arrow in 2013. It is his first fancy agency job, and he brings a diverse body of experience and skills to the table. His work motto: No task is too big or too little to focus on.

Outside of work Tim is a phenomenal musician, a motorcyclist, and a proud mother to two small cats.