We are now Cake & Arrow

Delivering human insights and digital customer experiences for 14 years.

Our new identity represents who we are and what we do: the digital customer experience agency who knows what moves people and reinvents how brands do business, for companies in ecommerce, insurance, luxury, B2B and beyond. Driven equally by human insights and digital expertise, we combine design and technology, passion and results, playfulness and precision — delivering work that makes our clients’ customers, prospects and employees feel valued. Welcome to our shiny new home!

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Putting fragmented content to work for customers.

Setting the highest standards for a range of legal services, Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation serves customers from the Fortune 50 to more than 300,000 small businesses and start-ups. Engaging their customers online required a more actionable approach.

Finding information was not enough. Customers needed to act decisively on what they find. For all the vast resource libraries and disparate content sources CT Wolters offered, they were not optimized for discovery and retrieval. Especially for complex legal workflows that required human decision-making and exception handling.


Small business owners and corporate executives both look for expert advice to save time and help make decisions: digital services can become that advisor.

Approach & Solution

Content strategy is king.

While user research informed us how much legal self-provisioning our users would tolerate, our content strategy was key to creating the user-centric experience. We started with an extensible content framework and developed controlled vocabularies to speak to all types of businesses.

We created a flexible platform solution with content management and integration for publishing and legal transactions. A complex content governance plan addressed both audiences (large business & small business), with the ability to operationalize and expand the platform to support separate business units and product lines into a shared workflow.

Expert digital advice.

Customer inquires and prototype user tests proved just how ready business leaders are to accept legal services that are delivered digitally as relevant, expert advice.

Digital legal tools can efficiently turn decisions into transactions, with greater accuracy and lower costs.



conversion rates for incorporation services


call center specialist service quality via richer information


“CT truly made the incorporation process quick and simple!”

Entrepreneur User