Seven Given Best In Class Distinction

Alexander Interactive (Ai), the award-winning UX-led digital agency, wins ten Interactive Media Awards (IMAs), including seven Best in Class awards and three Outstanding Achievement awards.

2016 marks the seventh year in a row that Ai has been recognized by the IMAs and the second year in a row with seven or more honors awarded. This year’s Best In Class honors included projects for CT Corporation, O'Connor's, Novitex, and Catbird among others while the Outstanding honors were bestowed upon Genpact and MetLife MyDirect.

“We’re grateful for the continued recognition of the work we do. These latest awards demonstrate how well we understand the specific industry-needs of our clients, while staying dedicated to creating the best possible experiences for all end users of the final product,” stated Alex Schmelkin, CEO and co-founder of Ai.

That focus on total human experience is what makes Ai particularly successful. Every day, we ask “how do we make experiences better?” for our clients. It helps us grow and make things we’re proud of — and keeps our agency’s French Bulldog very well fed.

As with all of our projects, we spent considerable time planning out the strategy for this year’s award winners. Strategic research helps clients trust our guidance and leads us to the insights that enable us to continue creating industry-leading digital experiences.