Who We Are

Designers who put people first, for industries that need it most

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We are customer experience innovators, helping our clients build digital products and services that allow them to form authentic, meaningful bonds with the people they serve. We are generous design thinkers, helping our clients see their world with fresh eyes. We are inquisitive researchers, uncovering real customer needs and designing digital solutions to meet them.

How we do it

Evidence-driven empathy

Our commitment to user-centered research and design offers our clients a clear-eyed view of the people who use their products and services. By asking users sooner rather than later, we can spot the big opportunities and course-correct if needed. We get to successful solutions fast, by design.

Jumpstarting Innovation

By reframing business problems around user needs, we see your challenges through fresh eyes and get to the heart of the problem (and the solution) faster.

Testing & Learning

Our interdisciplinary team’s test and learn approach to problem solving lets you work smart and move in the right direction with fewer bumps and more speed.

Working Together

As co-creators with you, we strive to always be transparent, inclusive partners. We invest in relationships, because we know that working together over time builds more value for you and your customers.

Leading By Example

Our design thinking process is collaborative and a little fun. Clients participate and learn by doing with us. At the close of every project, everyone is equipped with new tools to tackle old problems.

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A group of people sitting at a table
Our path forward

Agents of change, always

When we first started, our founders saw an opportunity to advance e-commerce and fintech experiences by listening to customers and designing digital experiences that met their needs. While our philosophy today was born out of that e-commerce lesson, it transcends verticals.

The insurance industry, for example, is exactly where retail was 15 years ago. We saw they needed what we could provide, so we made it our business. Today, through bespoke user research and design-minded problem solving, we keep customers at the heart of every digital interaction—in industries such as insurance—that need it most. Empathy for the end-user continues to take our talents where we can have the greatest impact.

Our expertise

We direct our work and our talents where they're needed. It’s just who we are.

Empathic researchers

Generous collaborators

Brave problem solvers

User champions

Purpose-driven designers

Cake & Arrow. It's all in our name:

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Celebrating users

We come to the table with empathetic insights and user-centric design to surprise and delight everyone at the party — our clients, their users, even our own team. That's the cake.

Targeting success

We depend on our research-based approach to drive results for our clients. We dig into chaos and pinpoint what truly matters, aiming businesses toward the right problem to solve. That's the arrow.

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Our Team

We work better together

We build interdisciplinary, results-driven teams—matching talent to projects, not roles. We hire great people who know how to bring out the best in each other, in each project, and every client relationship.