Christina Goldschmidt

On March 29th, Christina Goldschmidt will join John Tramonti, Assistant Vice President at MetLife to speak at Insurtech Silicon Valley 2017 Summit. The theme of the conference is Core Systems and Insurtech Fusion: Roadmap for Rapid Innovation and Transformation and will focus on how insurtech is driving a paradigm shift in product innovation and core systems transformation.

“I’m so excited to be speaking with MetLife’s John Tramonti at this insurtech conference and to share how our great partnership is transforming their business and will make them the carrier of choice for customers and agents!” stated Ms. Goldschmidt.

Ms. Goldschmidt and Mr. Tramonti will be speaking on a panel including Andrea P Eichorn, Cognitive Solutions, Global Executive at IBM and Dustin Yoder, Founder and Head of Product and Strategy at Sureify about how the insurance value chain is shifting and what it will take to compete as the insurance industry goes digital.

Learn more about the conference and how you can you attend our panel here.

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