Insurtech Silicon Valley 2017 Summit will take place March 29th -30th at the South San Francisco Conference Center. The theme of the conference is Core Systems and Insurtech Fusion: Roadmap for Rapid Innovation and Transformation and will focus on how insurtech is driving a paradigm shift in product innovation and core systems transformation. We are thrilled that our own Christina Goldschmidt will be speaking alongside an impressive line up of innovative thought leaders from across the insurance industry.

Here are some of the sessions we are most excited about checking out.

1. Opening Keynote: Core Systems and InSurtech in the Era of Engagement

Speaker: Eugene Lee, VP of Data Analytics at Guidewire

When: March 29th, 8:45am

Keynote speaker Eugene Lee, VP of Data Analytics at Guidewire will set the stage for the conference tomorrow morning with a discussion of how technical advancements and customer expectations are changing market expectations for insurers and employees. In this new era of engagement, core systems and insurtech will play key roles in how insurers deliver on customer expectations. Lee’s talk promises to layout an action plan for how insurance carriers can compete within this changing landscape through thoughtful application of technological advancement that is truly user-centric.

2. Competing in the New Digital Insurance Value Chain

Speakers: Andrea P. Eichorn, Cognitive Solutions, Global Executive IBM; Christina Goldschmidt, Director of User Experience, Cake & Arrow; John Tramonti, Assistant Vice President, MetLife; Greg Yoder, Head of Global Business Development, Sureify

When: March 29th, 11:05 am

This panel will be focused on how, as digital is transforming the insurance value chain, insurtech startups are becoming the building blocks driving transformative change at each link. Panelists will explore how legacy insurance carriers can compete in this shifting landscape by migrating away from monolithic sales, servicing, and policy admin systems to engage with software vendors and insurtech partners to develop capabilities over time, shifting investment to where their true competitive advantage lies: customer experience.

Christina Goldschmidt, Director of UX at Cake & Arrow will be speaking with MetLife’s John Tramonti about how the two organizations are partnering together to redesign and re-platform all of MetLife’s P&C business, moving off of existing legacy systems to a unified platform using Guidewire and better enabling a superior experience for customers.


3. Digital Insurance Platforms for a Customer Driven World

Speakers: Manish Shah, Executive VP, Majesco; Dan Woods, Socotra, CEO; Time Attia, CEO, Slice Labs

When: March 29th, 2:10 pm

As customer experience becomes the key differentiator for insurance carriers, new requirements and capabilities centered around customer needs will shape the digital platforms of the future. In this panel, Manish Shah of Majesco, Dan Woods of Socotra, and Tim Attia of Slice Labs will discuss how, in order to be competitive, digital insurance platforms must support contextually aware, realtime insurance products and respond proactively to customer needs.

4. Rapid Product Innovation: Design, Development & Testing

Tim Hardcastle, CEO, Instanda; David Gritz, Product Manager, Zero; Chad Barczuk, Head Rapid Application, Insuresoft;

When: March 30th, 11:20 am

The ability to rapidly prototype and validate user experiences in order to iterate and bring products to market quickly is critical to insurance carriers seeking to sustain their competitive advantage. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is collaborative, ongoing, and requires constant testing and iteration. In this session, panelists will discuss how insurtech components can be leveraged to accelerate product and innovation and will provide practical strategies for how insurance carriers can constantly enhance existing products while developing new ones.

To learn more about the upcoming conference and other sessions that will be taking place over the next two days, visit the conference website. If you will be in attendance, come say hi and join Christina Goldschmidt for the Wednesday morning session on competing in the new digital insurance value chain!