New York, March 15, 2017 - When evaluating ecommerce platforms, businesses pay close attention to things like development costs and how well the platform fulfills technical and system requirements. However, as the industry has shifted to becoming less focused on technology and more focused on people and experiences, the front-end usability of an ecommerce platform has become an increasingly important factor for businesses to consider. Through rigorous usability testing and heuristic analysis of the out-of-the-box experiences of two industry-leading ecommerce platforms, Shopify Plus and Magento 2, a new white paper issued by Cake & Arrow found that Shopify Plus' out-of-the-box offering provides a superior customer experience to Magento 2, better enabling business objectives for ecommerce companies.

Shopify & Magento White Paper

The white paper, "Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform for You & Your Customer: A Customer Usability Study Comparing Shopify Plus vs. Magento 2" provides insight into:

  • How the time it takes customers to check out and perform other tasks when shopping relates to usability, and ultimately to conversion
  • How customers interact with filtering options as compared between the two platforms and what this means for businesses
  • And how the back-end usability of a platform impacts the front-end experience for customers

"We find that businesses focus too heavily on technical and system requirements when selecting an ecommerce platform," explained Ed Samour, Experience Director at Cake & Arrow, and one of the authors of the white paper. "This white paper shows how these decisions often come at the expense of the customer experience, which is increasingly where ecommerce stores must find their competitive edge. Our research demonstrates that companies who are willing to be more flexible with these requirements, and choose cloud-based services like Shopify, are better positioned to deliver terrific customer experiences and grow their bottom line."

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the white paper here.