Banking and insurance fall below the global average when it comes to their ability to effectively transform and deliver on customer experience. And in the age of digital transformation and customer centricity, their ability to do so is critical to their survival in the new economy. While most organizations are aware of the need to transform, many are held back by organizational structures resistant to change and cultures of “business as usual.”

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Today Cake & Arrow announced the publication of a new white paper, “A Transformation from Within: A Step-by-Step Guide for Insurance and Financial Services Organizations to Transforming Digital Culture and Becoming Truly Customer Focused.” The white paper outlines a learning model for insurance and financial services organizations looking to institute the organizational and cultural transformation needed to become truly customer focused, including insight into how they can:

  • Enable customer-centric digital capacity from within their organizations
  • Use Design Thinking, User Experience Methods and the principles of Adult Learning to seed change that will increase risk taking, agility and creativity
  • Thoughtfully scale change over time to infuse every level of the organization with a spirit of innovation, design thinking, and customer-centricity

"We find that while these organizations are fully aware of the need to transform their businesses to become more customer focused, they are often at a loss for how to institute the necessary cultural change from within that needs to occur in order for this to happen,” explained Christina Goldschmidt, VP of Customer Experience & Design at Cake & Arrow. “This white paper is not only about teaching these organizations UX, Design Thinking, and other innovation methods, but about how, by helping them adopt these methods and build competency within their organizations, they will be able to infuse their culture and organizational structures with the kind of customer-centricity needed to survive and thrive in the 21st century and beyond.”

To learn more, download a your copy of the white paper.