Not unlike the fields of design and UX, over the past two decades, general conceptions about what marketing is and should be have changed. Whereas traditional marketing has long been focused on brands, content marketing is more subtle, and, when done right, focuses on customers. Rather than bombarding people with brand messages, content marketing strategy aims to discover what customers care about and are interested in, and uses this knowledge to develop content that provides them value. Think about the difference between a pop-up add asking you to buy something and a banner about an informative webinar on a topic of interest. While both offer ways of getting a potential customer to engage in content, and ultimately buy something, one is intrusive while the other is informative, and what’s more, valuable. This is the difference between traditional marketing and content marketing.

I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation at Cake & Arrow about content marketing. In it I explain what content marketing is and is not, and provide a framework for how content marketing works, and how it is used to drive business at our agency. The end of the presentation focuses on how, internally, we can all be contributing to our content marketing efforts by sharing the things that interest us, and think about how they might interest our clients and potential clients as well.

You can download the full presentation slides below.

Download Content Marketing 101 [Content Marketing 101