September 27, 2017, New York, New York - Alex Schmelkin, Cake & Arrow CEO was recently invited to sit down with Inside America’s Boardrooms to discuss how boardroom directors can begin to respond and think differently within today’s digital landscape.

Over the last decade, as digital has come to permeate nearly every industry, from retail all the way through to insurance and financial services, boards have been slow to respond, missing out on valuable opportunities to improve company performance and better engage with customers.

As a longstanding board member of Essendant and the founder and CEO of Cake & Arrow, a digital customer experience agency that has been at the forefront of digital for the past 15 years, Alex brings a unique perspective to the problems and opportunities posed by digital to boards, and has valuable advice for directors about how they can start thinking differently in today’s digital landscape.

In this interview Alex tells host TK Kerstetter that what directors need to understand is that digital is about the customer–about understanding their needs, wants and desires, and knowing how and where they want to conduct their business, whether it be in their living rooms from their phones, in person in a store, or both. He goes on to outline how board directors can take steps toward better understanding their customer, gaining insights into their behaviors, mindsets, and needs.

You can read more about Alex’s thoughts about the role of digital, particularly as it pertains to less mature industries like insurance here and watch the interview in its entirety below

Alex Schmelkin on Inside America's Boardrooms