On Tuesday, May 8th, Cake & Arrow is partnering with Coverager Inc. to hold an exciting meetup at Two Sigma’s beautiful Soho offices to discuss the future of insurance and the gig economy. The three-hour breakfast event, beginning at 8:30am, will feature A-list speakers from a variety of industries spanning insurance, technology platforms, journalism, advertising and more, and will explore the shifting risks, expectations, and mindsets of gig workers, and what it all means for the insurance industry at large.

The agenda will consist of a series of panels and fireside chats with insurance industry executives, journalists and startup founders, as well as a special presentation by Cake & Arrow’s VP of Customer Experience and co-author of the white paper: Insurance in the Age of the Gig Economy: What happens to insurance when business gets personal?, Christina Goldschmidt, who will discuss her research, design work, and insights into the future of insurance in the gig economy.

You can register for the event here:

Event Registration


Other confirmed speakers include:

Sarah Kessler - Quartz

Sarah Kessler

Sarah Kessler is the author of GIGGED: The End of the Job and the Future of Work. A journalist based in New York City, she is currently a reporter at Quartz, where she writes about the future of work. Previously, she covered the gig economy as a senior writer at Fast Company and managed startup coverage at Mashable. Her reporting has been cited by The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and NPR.

Doug Cameron - DCX Growth Accelerator

Doug Cameron

Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Creative Officer of DCX Growth Accelerator (the global agency of record of Fiverr), Doug has helped build such iconic brands as Freelancers Union, smartwater and Ben & Jerry’s.

Jeff Rutledge - AIG Travel

Jeff Rutledge

CEO of AIG Travel, which provides travel insurance solutions and assitance services to millions of travelers around the globe. Jeff joined AIG in 1999 where he played an integral role in the development of the company’s global travel e-commerce and operational infrastructure. He later served as Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific travel, based in Hong Kong and was then promoted to President of the Global Travel Division in 2006.

Joshua Karam - Hyr

Joshua Karam

Co-founder & CEO of Hyr, on online platform connecting traditional businesses (starting with restaurants, hotels, and retailers) to quality workers, on demand. without the need of an archaic staffing agency. Josh is also the Founding Director of Synchronize HR, a national full services HR firm with a specialty in communication and crisis management in the workplace.

Ace Callwood - Painless1099

Ace Callwood

CEO and Co-Founder of Painless1099, a smart bank account that manages 1099s, benefits, and taxes for independent contractors and their clients. Prior to Painless1099, Ace co-founded Coffitivity, an ambient sound app that was one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Sites of 2013.

Darryl Siry - Prosight Specialty Insurance

Darryl Siri

Chief Digital Officer at Prosight Specialty Insurance, which recently launched ProSight Direct, an online sales platform that allows DJs to buy insurance online in minutes. Prior to joining ProSight, Darryl was founder and CEO of NewsBasis, a software service for media relations and previously led Sales and Marketing at Tesla Motors.

Mario Gabriele - Fiverr

Mario Gabriele

Mario currently works in Business Strategy at Fiverr. Prior to that he served as AND CO’s Chief of Staff. He received his MPA and BA from Columbia University.

Matan Slagter - AIG

Matan Slagter

Head of Market Disruption of Personal Insurance at AIG, Matan is responsible for building a leading position in key markets by capitalizing on disruption and innovation and aligning to the vision and strategy of Personal Insurance - a global $11Bn business which comprises of Personal Accident and Supplemental Health, Personal Property, Personal Auto, High Net Worth – Private Client Group, Travel and Assistance Services, Extended Warranty and Service Programs. ___