As the VP of Customer Experience & Design at Cake & Arrow, Christina leads the team responsible for conducting research to generate user insights, develops the strategy for the experience and content on products for clients and desigs the information hierarchy of those products and all interactions. She and her team test and validate everything they make to keep everyone focused on the end goal.

Christina has carved out an unconventional career path, studying archeology and anthropology in college, where she first embarked on her quest to understand what makes people tick. Finding the web changed her life. She’s been obsessed with HCI and usability ever since and has experience in a range of industries and Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, The Discovery Channel, Omnicom Media Group and Morgan Stanley.

Varied roles in digital — from developer to visual design, digital marketing to UX — have not only made her an excellent mentor to her colleagues at Cake & Arrow but a UX instructor at NYC-based general assembly and a member of the design thinking advisory board at Rutgers University. She has a BS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, where she currently conducts design thinking workshops. She is also a 2017 recipient of a Gold Stevie Award for women in business.


Why do you work at Cake & Arrow?

This is a place where I can do cutting edge things. I can quickly react to the changing face of UX/research and develop new processes and approaches and staffing models to achieve the best results, fast. I’m free to test and refine and push the envelope. Plus we have really exciting and complex work and great clients. Finally I love the people and working someplace that is happy to call me a team member.

What gives you joy outside of work?

Food and drink adventures! I’m also a budding milliner. And I’m pretty obsessed with shopping, for fashion, obscure house wares for my dinner/cocktail parties, exotic salts of the world and antique salt accessories, great alcohol.

How do you give back to your world?

I teach and mentor budding UX designers. I love helping people leap frog their careers and getting mentorship to give them real world experience. Its a person goal of mine to help shape the next generation of great UX designers.

Could you help me create an outfit for an event?

Sure, just tell me what your budget is and what mood you are trying to create!