Insights — August 24, 2020

New Report Explores the Experience of Small Business Owners in the Time of Covid

We spoke with small business owners to gain deeper insight into their experience with Covid-19

by Emily Smith Cardineau

Covid-19 Customer Experience User Research

Take a look inside a new framework we developed for helping outside industries better understand the varied experiences, behaviors, and mindsets of small business owners in the time of Covid.

Financially fragile before the pandemic, small businesses have been amongst the hardest hit by the fallout from Covid-19, and some may never recover. Since March more than 80,000 small businesses nationwide have permanently closed. How are the owners of these businesses responding to and coping with the pandemic? how has the pandemic reoriented their personal relationship to their business? and what can outside industries and institutions do to better support small business owners as they adapt to the new normal? Our latest report, entitled Covid-19 & Small Business Owners: Inside the Experience of Small Business Owners in the Time of Covid, covers these topics and more, including:

  • A new framework for understanding how small business owners think about and relate to their businesses
  • Insight into how the pandemic is leading business owners to reevaluate their businesses and their priorities, and a discussion of what this means for the future of small business
  • A look at new pain points, challenges and opportunities surfaced by the pandemic 

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the report here:

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