Insights — March 2, 2022

Report: Beyond Burnout: Redefining benefits for a new era of work

by Cake & Arrow

Over the past two years the way that millions of people relate to their jobs and to their employers has undergone a complete transformation. This reorientation of work amid the pandemic has given many pause and cause to reflect on their lives, their jobs, and the conditions in which they are lived and performed — culminating in a new era of work, one in which employees are looking to establish a healthier relationship to their jobs and their employers. As work continues to evolve, how can the benefits industry adapt?


Learn how employee needs and expectations in the workplace are evolving and how group benefit providers and insurance companies can evolve and adapt to meet the emerging needs of employees in a new era of work.

Based on a survey of full and part-time employees across the U.S., our report, Beyond Burnout: Redefining Employee Benefits for a New Era of Work explores what a healthier relationship to work might look like and how employee benefits can help employees and their employers thrive in the new era of work. The report discusses:

  • How employees’ relationship to and attitudes toward work and their employers are quickly changing, surfacing new expectations around work that are not being addressed by existing benefit models and infrastructure
  • A new model for deepening our understanding of employee needs within the changing workplace based on insights from our research
  • Opportunities for how benefit providers can evolve their offerings to meet employee expectations in the new era of work

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the report here:

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