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Delivering human insights and digital customer experiences for 14 years.

Our new identity represents who we are and what we do: the digital customer experience agency who knows what moves people and reinvents how brands do business, for companies in ecommerce, insurance, luxury, B2B and beyond. Driven equally by human insights and digital expertise, we combine design and technology, passion and results, playfulness and precision — delivering work that makes our clients’ customers, prospects and employees feel valued. Welcome to our shiny new home!

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Proving the value of tailored coverage.

ProSight is a leading specialty insurer that focuses on select niche industries, selling policies exclusively through specialized distributors to empower end customers to make informed purchases of customized insurance products. To increase their customer awareness and engagement, we partnered with ProSight to develop a direct-to-customer digital experience that complemented existing education efforts.

Beyond telling the ProSight story, we had to demonstrate their expertise in the varied niche industries they serve, incent end-customers to take action by requesting sales consultations, and lay the foundation for self-service experiences.


Insurers can leverage products and services originally tailored for one industry to provide new solutions to similar challenges in other industries.

Approach & Solution

Keeping the goals but shifting the focus.

ProSight's first planned point of engagement with the end customer was to convey the value of their products through the digital experience. As the customer was degrees removed from a direct relationship, the focus shifted to building a self-servicing claims system to deepen engagement and eventually sell tailored services.

We collaborated onsite, learning the client’s policies and goals and interacting with claims reps through design sessions—all to identify opportunities. That collaboration continued with the business unit and their developers to ensure what we built is scalable and maintainable.

Innovative end-customer experience.

We designed and developed an Angular Front-end application for ProSight customers in Media, Social Services, and Transportation Niches.

Managing risk can be profitable. Serve up in-context, highly-relevant advice and services.
Direct digital experiences are complements (not threats) to existing distribution models.