Saks Fifth Avenue

Digitizing a classic brand

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Fashion sites need more than a pretty face

More than just a modern reflection of the store’s luxury brand and heritage, Saks needed its online presence to deliver and engaging, enjoyable and elevated customer experience that delivered a seamless checkout process and key conversion goals–and on all devices.

Services Provided

Ecommerce Website


Customer Experience

Customers browse differently based on fashion category and brand loyalty—and follow product recommendation algorithms over editorial team selections.

Approach & Solution

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Big photos, more detail and a seamless checkout

We optimized the site by category, through close design collaboration and rapid prototyping with client teams and customer participants. Adding product detail, increasing the size and use of photographs, and including complementary products—all to keep shopping momentum moving with more to see, until ready to quickly and efficiently check out.

The result was a beautiful, site-wide transformation—from home page to product display pages and mobile checkout—using human-centric design to increase engagement and average order value.

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Scalable and minimal

A scalable interface accommodated Sak’s vast portfolio of fashion brands, campaigns and promotions, set into a modular design that elegantly handled variable category experiences and content types. Artfully minimal fashion pages featured large, high-resolution images, with progressive disclosure of detail and transaction settings.

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