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People Operations Manager

Ashley Prato

Ashley is our People Operations Manager. She handles all things culture and employee experience at Cake & Arrow. Ashley is a true ‘people person’ and has put her love of connecting with others into her career. With a strong background in Human Resources and People Management, she helps employees and teams find new and exciting ways to grow.

Ashley was born and raised in New York, and attended Baruch College in Midtown Manhattan. There she studied Psychology and Corporate Communications, and grew an interest in people management.

When she is not hanging out with Joey Carmichael and her other coworkers, you can usually find Ashley finding a new hiking trail in New York or New Jersey. She’s an avid outdoor enthusiast and will always take advantage of any opportunity to escape into the woods. She’s hiked the Cerro Chato volcano in Costa Rica, Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland, and even a portion of the Appalachian Trail!